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Truth Mattress

by Clementine

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released April 15, 2016

All songs written and performed by Clementine:

Aaron McGuire
Christopher Connors
Father Philip
Pete Krausert

with some "ooo"s, "ha"s, and "da"s by Dan Mariska (oh, the cowbell, too)

Produced by Clementine and Dan Mariska
Engineered and mixed by Dan Mariska
Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, Milwaukee, WI
Cover art by Greta Kotz

Camaraderie Records CR-010



all rights reserved


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Clementine Minneapolis, Minnesota

Clementine is an ambient grunge pop band from Minneapolis, MN.

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Track Name: Evergreens
I'll conjure up you a dream
If you distract my reality
I've no time for birds or bees
still I'd like to take you 'neath the evergreens

Yeah, we both got places to be
I think too much and you're too carefree
But still I like some bitter in my sweet
Just tonight could you still your wandering feet

Ya still em!

Cause I want you in my arms
I want you in my arms tonight

The future's a twisty road
Whether wedding bells fade or continue to grow
I want you in my arms
I want you in my arms tonight
In my arms tonight
Track Name: Draggin' Boy
Hello young lady my name is "the-boy-that-will-bring-you-down"
And I'm different from those other boys clinging to the strings in your gown
And I've heard a hint of possibilities from the talk around town
And I hope that you'll forgive me for cuttin' you off before you drown
Cause I'm a heavy hunk of metal though you think that I'm a crown
Yeah yeah

Let's skip formalities, realities, and all the sorts
Don't tell me what you think or a single thing that's on your heart
Cause I see your destiny- prosperity; and I-want-out
I've cut down every tree in proximity, don't you dare now come about
Cause I'm not done feeling bitter and I can't afford a sprout
No no

Ha ha uh oh

I can't tell who I am no more
And I can't tell who I was before
I've ripped down my exterior
But I'm afraid I won't be standing when my sharps hit the floor

Ha ha uh oh

If I say that I can't stay you can assume I'm telling lies
Cause I've been hoping for anything but losing hope is for the wise
I can't stop staring and obsessing best you don't come around
Of course you like me flying ten feet from the ground
Track Name: Bloody Knuckles
All I gave were bloody knuckles
All I gave were bruised lips
All I gave were busted bodies
Now I'm left with a girl with bloody knuckles
Track Name: Dark Dark World
I was born into a dark dark world
Won't be long till we're all gone
It just chews me up and it spits me out
I'm born again but I've had enough

I'm well acquainted with this life alone
Done it long enough now it feels like home
It's the safest place I've learned to run
If it kills me slow then it's no fun

She was born into this dark dark world
Got your reasons to turn around
Cause they lift you up and they push you down
And not before they shut your mouth

But her droplets of hair were my spoonfuls of sun
She holds her fear like a mother holds...

But I know hope 'cause it's hung from a thread
Inches from my nose like a wisp of wind
Try to hold it close and it disappears
And you're no different I see you clear

But her droplets of hair were my spoonfuls of sun
She holds her fear like a mother holds a gun
Her deadpan stare, it hides all that's been done
She don't give a care about herself or anyone
Can this be the one?
Track Name: Ruts
Some have said you're stuck inside a rut

It's true everything I've loved now tastes like dust
And every tool to understand has turned to rust...
What can I trust?

But I know that I know that I know that I know we've just begun
I recall a time when you would want nothing else

To be with you was my only thought
Now the only thing I'm crying out..
Is, "What have I done?"
And, "What can I do?"
I'm such a fool
Cause I'm so I am so I am so I am so made low
I can just wait on the only one...just maybe in a more omissive

"Take me away"
"Oh come replace"
Just go away